Bratwurst on Rails

posted by crafterm, 17 September 2007

Bratwurst on Rails had a great vibe and was one of the best pre-conference events I’ve attended. The event took place at the Kalkscheune, just near the Maritim pro Arte where RailsConf itself will be held. Quite a few people attended, and with the conference starting the next day the atmosphere was really great. Lots of excitement and activities in preparation for the following days.

I particularly enjoyed meeting many of the people I’d met over at RailsConf US in May in Portland, and it was also great to see local German folks again. Great food, great beer and great entertainment, looking forward to a top conference.


posted by crafterm, 13 September 2007

Arrived in Berlin yesterday, and will be here for a week covering this coming weekend and RailsConf EU. Berlin is such an interesting and cool city, with so much history, vibe and culture surrounding it, it’s going to be an awesome week. We spent the day touring various museums and historical places in town including Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz and various others in between.

I’ve also noticed an abundance of very slick looking coffee shops in Berlin, most of them also offering free wireless internet access (like the one I’m right now), they’d make for quite a nice office :)

The first RailsConf EU event starts on Sunday night, Bratwurst on Rails, at the Kalkscheune, which I’m very much looking forward to. More RailsConf EU posts to come soon! :)

After Berlin, it’s back to Frankfurt and then on to Munich for a few days before returning to Weimar again.

Frankfurt Rails User Group!

posted by crafterm, 12 September 2007

Last night I met with the local Frankfurt Rails User Group developers. It was an awesome night, with lots of fun and laughter had by all. I always find it interesting to meet new people and hear what they’ve been doing with Ruby and Rails.

I also gave a few presentations about Rubinius and RSpec, the slides are available for anyone interested:

Rubinius RSpec RSpec handout

Many thank to Mariano for hosting the event, and also a special thanks to Claudia for catering! :)

Today I’m traveling up to Berlin for the next part of my trip, RailsConf Europe. looking forward to meeting up with so many fellow Rails developers in the coming week!