Melbourne Cocoaheads - UIScrollView Giggles & Glory

posted by crafterm, 30 October 2010

A few weeks ago I presented at the local Cocoaheads here in Melbourne, about UIScrollView’s, and the various trials & tribulations I’ve had working with them in the past.

The talk was structured with a story first about how UIScrollViews have mystified us over the years, then a set of 10 demos, which were contained within a single ‘photo viewer’ style project, using git branches to successively add a feature that exhibited some scroll view issue, and then add the fix with a discussion.

A friend of mine Oliver recorded the talk on his iPhone 4, and has since made it available on YouTube. The quality is great considering its an iPhone 4, but please understand its not quite the level you’d see from WWDC.

I really enjoyed giving the talk. The aim was to help anyone venturing into similar grounds with UIScrollView to recognize those issues and be armed with solutions to them. Enjoy.