Australasian Surf Business Magazine iPhone App

posted by crafterm, 30 May 2010

Its great to see an application you’ve been working on recently be accepted and made available on the Apple iTunes store.

Just last week, we released the Australasian Surf Business Magazine (asbmag) iPhone application!

asbmag’s application, targeted at those working within the surf industry, allows you to keep up to date with the latest industry news and job content on the iPhone, normally available on their website.

The design of the application has been to focus on the user’s experience while reading content on the phone, and integrate with the native capabilities of the device.

Content is locally in Core Data so that the application works well offline. When online, it efficiently retrieves the latest news and job articles from via an atom feed, and appropriately updates the device.

If you’re keen to keep up with what’s happening in the Surf Industry, download the app for free and enjoy!