posted by crafterm, 31 August 2009

Last week I was privileged to present at our local Melbourne Ruby/Rails user group with fellow CLEAR Interactive colleague Daniel Neighman. Daniel and I gave a talk about RabbitMQ, the exciting AMQP based messaging platform.

We focused on discussing how RabbitMQ and AMQP came into existence and its architecture. I also showed a few demo applications I’d prepared, one a Rails application that used RabbitMQ to resize and process images via Core Image in the background, the other, a RubyCocoa Desktop client that posted surf report measurements to a fanout exchange that drove a video news feed of surfer quotes.

The slides for the presentation are available at slideshare.

The example applications I demonstrated during the talk are available as a GitHub project as well.

Big thanks to Nick Marfleet for organising and Square Circle Triangle for hosting the night, looking forward to next month already!