Twilight Theme for Emacs!

posted by crafterm, 27 May 2008

Recently I’ve been returning to my Unix heritage and using Emacs as my day to day editor. Its been quite an enlightening journey returning to such a powerful editor with its limitless customization and features (probably worthy of a whole separate post), although one things I do miss from TextMate are the colour themes used for syntax highlighting. Emacs has a package called color-theme which can be used to customize font faces/colours however in comparison to the styled themes TextMate offers, most of default ones available don’t quite compare.

In TextMate I used the Twilight theme quite often, so, after examining the color-theme package format, I’ve ported across the Twilight theme to Emacs, and have released it as a small project on GitHub. Its definitely a work in progress, most of the colours within Ruby mode are working as expected, but please feel free to improve anything that needs some fine tuning (eg. Rails keywords, and particularly non-Ruby modes such as dired, ERB, SCM, etc). Patches are most certainly welcome.