.au Rubinius Sprint roundup!

posted by crafterm, 21 March 2008

March 8/9th saw the first Australian Rubinius Sprint held in Sydney, at the Shangri-La Hotel, in Sydney’s famous Rocks district! The sprint went really well, in total we had 22 attendees, including some international visitors such as including Evan Phoenix, the founder of the project and Eric Hodel from the United States.

The sprint started off with a comprehensive introduction to Rubinius by Evan, stepping through the project’s source layout and navigation, the architecture of the virtual machine, standard library and language. From there everyone selected a spec test that was failing either due to error or non-implementation and started developing patches that were submitted to Rubinius' lighthouse bug/patch tracker.

There were many highlights over the weekend, one in particular included seeing Rubygems working inside of Rubinius and being merged into the main Rubinius git repository which is a great milestone to have been achieved. A total of ~60 patches were submitted to Lighthouse, which was an outstanding effort made by all, not to mention the fantastic ‘spinner’ spec progress indicator :)

We also made several visits to some of the great local restaurants and pubs nearby, such as Red Oak, The Australian, The Glenmore, and the Lord Nelson, not to mention the world speedboat championships that were on in the background of the conference hotel.

For me it was also great seeing the local community all come together to participate in such an awesome project. Great work guys! :)

I’d really like to thank Dylan for helping me organise the event, and many thanks to Evan and Eric for traveling out to Australia for the sprint. A big kudos to Engine Yard for sponsoring the venue over the weekend, and to Glenn also took many more photos over the weekend which are available on Flickr.

Looking forward to the next sprint!