Rubinius Sprint in Sydney, Australia

posted by crafterm, 31 January 2008

Dylan and I would like to announce that we’ll be running a Rubinius Sprint in Sydney, Australia, on the 8th/9th March 2008!

The Rubinius Sprint/Workshop is a weekend dedicated to learning and developing Rubinius, the next generation Ruby virtual machine. The spring is aimed at developers of all levels, the only requirement is that you have a keen interest to be involved with Rubinius and want to learn more. No particular experience with Rubinius is necessary however it would be beneficial if you’ve spent a bit of time prior to the sprint familiarizing yourself with the basics of Rubinius itself.

Everyone is invited to attend, registration details, etc, are all available at:

Thanks to our awesome sponsor EngineYard, attending the event will be free (you’ll need to cover your own accommodation and food).

Places are limited to please register quick if you’d like to come.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!