RailsConf EU 2007!

posted by crafterm, 03 September 2007

I’m currently writing this entry from Auerstedt, a small village in the east of Germany, near Weimar. Thursday afternoon we arrived in Frankfurt via Dubai and Singapore and will be in Europe till the 12th October.

The primary reason for the trip, RailsConf EU. After deciding to start my own company in March, the decision to attend both RailsConf US and EU was automatic. No other venue can provide such a wide variety of networking, technology, teaching and pure fun as these two events can.

RailsConf US in Portland was a blast, and I’m looking forward to having similar feelings this year in Germany. After having lived here for a few years it also has quite a special touch to be back. I’m particularly looking forward to another sensational RejectConf edition as part of RailsConf EU as well.

I’ll also be presenting about rSpec, one of my favourite gems/plugins at the Frankfurt Rails user group meeting on the 11th September as well.

If you’re coming over to RailsConf EU, and hear a strange Australian accent in the background, be sure to come over and say hi :)