RejectConf Europe 2007

posted by crafterm, 22 September 2007

RailsConf Europe saw another sensational edition of RejectConf take place. This was my second RejectConf, the first being at this years US RailsConf in Portland, and it was a resounding success.

The idea is essentially to provide a platform for anyone to speak about anything related to Ruby/Rails/etc in a forum where presentations are 5 minutes or less (at the US RejectConf the speakers even nominated the length of their talks upfront). In the past, prototypes, ideas, and demo’s of future applications, gems, plugins and frameworks have been presented that have later turned into valuable projects, and its also a fantastic social night with loads of cheering, heckling and fun had by all.

This year I presented a camping application called GuitarZero I wrote together with Lachlan Hardy at RailsCamp to handle our highscores for Guitarhero, which was extremely popular during the camp.

I also recorded two of my fellow Australian’s presentations on my MacBook Pro – John Barton and Dr. Nic. The recordings turned out well considering they were made with the inbuilt camera/mic on my MacBook Pro.

Australian presenters were particularly prevalent on the night, as you’ll be able to tell from the cheering in the video’s (fantastic!), with Ian, Max, myself and John all demoing cool things we’ve been working on.

Enjoy :)